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Our defense attorney has over a decade of experience defending individuals charged with non-violent crimes. We are known for aggressively fighting cases to protect our clients from criminal convictions and the subsequent penalties. With the help of our lawyer, you will have a comprehensive understanding of all your legal options and be confident of what must be done to contest your particular non-violent crime allegations.  

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What is a Non-Violent felony?

Non-violent felonies are felonies that do not result in physical injury to another individual. Many non-violent crimes involve property damage, including larceny and/or theft. The seriousness of this type of felony is determined by economic or financial losses of the victim. Many non-violent felonies are considered to be victimless crimes. This does not mean there is not an individual who suffers a loss, it is simply a classification. Certain victimless offenses are criminalized for moral and societal purposes.

Non-violent felonies can include:

  • White collar crime, including fraud, tax crimes, bribery and/or counterfeiting;
  • Property crime including embezzlement, theft, receipt of stolen goods;
  • Drug and alcohol crimes including public intoxication, drug manufacturing and/or drug distribution.

What Are Non-Violent Crimes?

Non-violent crimes can be characterized as:

  • Not resulting in the physical harm of another person
  • Not attempting to harm another person
  • Not threatening violence upon another person

Violent crimes, on the other hand, are crimes that could threaten harm, attempt harm, or result in harming another individual.

What Are Examples of Non-Violent Crimes?

Some examples of Non-Violent crimes include:

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At Fawne Crabtree Attorney at Law, defending clients against non-violent crime charges is a key part of what we do as a criminal defense firm. We understand that non-violent crimes can have just as harsh and far-reaching consequences as violent crimes. We take every non-violent crime case seriously and work as diligently as we can to protect the rights and freedom of all who are accused.

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